We offer stretch to open the body safely using yogic postures (asana) props and breath work. This class complements all levels of practitioners as it increases body and breath awareness, eases aches and pains, improves posture and flexibility, relieves stress and increases overall sense of well being. This practice is great for the individual or with a partner.

Yin Yoga

From the Taoist tradition, Yin Yoga is designed to target the meridians or energetic channels of the body to regulate and increase flow of energy ( prana or Qi ). We go through a series of postures, holding each one for up to 4 minutes using props and breath work, targeting fascia and the deep connective tissues of the body. Practicing Yin Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, improves circulation, improves joint mobility and joint integrity.


Our Vinyasa class focuses on safe body alignment and conscious breathing. We will break down each posture as you learn to flow through the movements with confidence and ease, eventually building to a sequence designed to promote inner awareness by becoming attuned to the mind, body, breath relationship. Vinyasa, meaning in Sanskrit, “to place in a special way” urges the practitioner to take the lessons learned on the mat to your everyday experiences by flowing through the motions of life with equanimous mind and a cultivated awareness, one breathe at a time .


Meditation is an ancient practice used to promote pratyahara or sense withdraw. We experience life by the narrative of the senses, creating illusions and attachment and often anxiety, desire, pain, and sorrow. Through meditation we become mindful of the arising fluctuations of the mind, often referred to as the monkey mind, and the realization that we are not our thoughts or experiences. With the knowing of this truth we are dis illusioned and undisturbed, radiating clarity and equanimity. All meditation sessions include an in depth consultation so that the teacher may offer the best meditation technique for you. Most students begin to feel the centering effects of meditation immediately.

Kids Yoga

Yoga designed specifically for children ages 3 and up. Getting children started in Yoga and mindfulness at an young age has a number of benefits including increased flexibility, coordination, a sense of calmness and the ability to focus . We use props and stories that can be applied on and off the mat as they being to learn the foundations of the practice and the ability to find their own inner stillness, self compassion and team work, one tree pose at a time!

Virtual Classes

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